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Level 2


1st Place – Jackson Shearer

Level 3

1st Place – Timothy Levenets

2nd Place – Gleb Grigorenko

3rd Place – Aimee Shi

Honorable Mention – Sammy Stevens

Level 4 

1st Place – Shiloh Stevens

2nd Place – Giselle Ashford

3rd Place – Audrey Davis

Level 5

1st Place – Kenji Ng

Level 6 

1st Place – Emma Wu

2nd Place – Ella Wu

Level 7 

1st Place – Koyuki Ng

2nd Place – Andrea Shi

3rd Place – Sarah Elizabeth Davis

Honorable Mention – Mariele Arthur

Honorable Mention – Joshua Blakeley

Level 9

1st Place – Max Nielsen

2nd Place – Anita Layton

Level 10

1st Place – Julia Zhang

2nd Place – Bailey Tenney

3rd Place – Brandon Mathieson

Level 11

1st Place – Sydney Lipar

2nd Place – Victoria Koptelova

3rd Place – Garrett Hallbauer

Honorable Mention – Caleb Layton

Level 12

1st Place – Sam Blizzard 

Participating Teachers:  Shirley Cheung (Chairman), Elena Bakina, Nancy Hall, NCTM, Becky Landreth, NCTM, Alecia Russell, NCTM, Naomi Shibatani, Janet Soller, Sheryl Speelman, Piper Ward


Repertoire Selection Committee:  Polly Beaver, Sharon Callahan, Shirley Cheung, Becky Landreth, NCTM, Dr. Janet Soller 


Judges: Dr. Roger Keele, Dr. Soyoon Kim, Mr. Michael Vaughn


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